Our Staff


Our BCBAs lead all behavioral decisions in our program. They conduct behavioral assessments, write behavior plans for clients and guide the RBTs on implementation of plans.


The RBTs are the behavioral mentors of our program. They are with their clients throughout the day and work closely with their children. They work under the guidance of the BCBAs to take data on clients throughout the day. 

Cocoa School
7075 N Highway 1
Cocoa, FL 32927
Ph: 321-888-3020
Fax: 661-263-4584

Daytona Clinic
1737 N Clyde Morris Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL 32117
Ph: 321-888-3020
Fax: 661-263-4584

CA Tutoring 
3942 W Sierra Highway # 5
Acton, CA 93510
Ph: 866-255-1279
Fax: 661-263-4584